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    The group holds the semi-annual working conference of 2020

    Time:2020-07-24 11:25:42 From:ZJME

    On July 24, 2020, in order to thoroughly implement the spirits of the 7th plenary session of the 14th provincial Party committee, the first-half situation analysis meeting, etc., summarize and review the group's work in the first half of the year, analyze the current economic situation and the difficulties and problems faced by the group, research and deploy the group's work in the second half of the year, further unify thoughts, enhance confidence, gather strength, and overcome obstacles, concentrate on production, reform, development, and stability, strive to fulfill the target tasks of the whole year, put a satisfactory end to "the 13th Five-year Plan", and anticipate and achieve development in "the 14th Five-year Plan", the group held the semi-annual working conference of 2020. General Manager Yang Zhenyu of the group presided over the conference.

    On the conference, General Manager Yang Zhenyu of the group gave a work report entitled "Grasp Two Links, Win Two Victories, and Attempt to Fulfill Target Tasks of Whole Year". In the report, Yang Zhenyu comprehensively summarized and reviewed the achievements obtained by the group in the first half of the year in grasping epidemic prevention and control, striving to be the first and best, deepening mechanism and structural reforms, promoting asset securitization, completing difficult major projects, strengthening innovation-driven development, advancing collectivized school running, emphasizing the leading role of Party construction, etc. In consideration of the work requirements of "two links and two victories" and the opportunities of "post-epidemic industrial transformation", Yang Zhenyu not only analyzed the short boards hampering the group's development and the difficulties faced by the group, but also expressed six specific requirements on the group's work in the second half of the year: 1. Grasp prevention and control prudently from the beginning to the end, and go all out to win "two victories"; 2. Plan to deepen reform from the top management, and promote project implementation efficiently; 3. Emphasize innovation-driven and digital-driven development, and speed up industrial upgrading and optimization; 4. Solidify foundation, standardize operations, and improve operation management efficiency; 5. Enhance collaboration, deepen integration, and build a first-class vocational education group; 6. Emphasize the leading role of Party construction, gather strength, and exert the political advantages of the state-owned enterprise. 

    Then, Board Chairman Xie Ping of the group made a speech entitled "Identify Changes Correctly, Respond to Changes Scientifically, and Attempt to Plan and Promote "Double First-class Group" Construction". Xie Ping highly affirmed the achievements obtained by the group in the first half of the year, and conveyed the relevant resolutions of the 7th plenary session of the 14th provincial Party committee and the spirits of the documents such as Some Opinions on Leading High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry with New Development Concepts, Action Plan to Build A Province with Strong Manufacturing Industry, etc. Xie Ping pointed out that the group carried out and promoted the work in epidemic prevention and control as well as reform and development stably in the first half of the year, which shows the good mental outlook of the two levels of leading bodies,  and that all staff of the group from top to bottom should implement the relevant deployments and requirements of the first-half situation analysis meeting of the standing committee of the provincial Party committee, keep up with advanced enterprises of the industry, learn from them to close the gap, overcome obstacles, take real actions, and spare no effort to work hard. Xie Ping expressed three requirements on the following work: 1. Identity changes correctly, enhance confidence, and go all out to fulfill the target tasks;  in the face of challenges, maintain strategic focus, strengthen research and judgment of the situation, give full play to own advantages, ensure compulsory execution, grasp progress by all means, and attempt to finish the work in economy, innovation, reform, and safety successfully. 2. Respond to changes scientifically, implement targeted policies, and plan reform and development accurately;  seize development opportunities, and improve the ability to serve the overall development; continue to free minds, and advance reform steadily; improve innovation advantages, and play a leading role. 3. Dare to take responsibilities, perform duties, and improve ability and quality comprehensively;  Be ready to shoulder political responsibilities of "know and bear burdens", be ambitious in "become heroes with actual performance", be dedicated to "regard the group as home", and be aware of "dread of incompetence". Xie Ping stressed that in the new era and under the new situation, all staff of the group from top to bottom should, according to the strategic thinking of "cultivate new opportunities in crisis and create new situations in changes" of General Secretary Xi Jinping and around the decisions and arrangements of "three regions and one window", building a globally advanced manufacturing base, etc. of the province, find a fitting point to the main industry development of the group, continue to give full play to "the five advantages" of the group in technological innovation, talent aggregation, integrated services, brand resources, and educational resources, and dare to become "pacesetters" and "vanguards" in developing the province into a high-level innovative province. At last, Xie Ping asked all staff of the group from top to bottom to grasp the normalized epidemic prevention and control prudently from the beginning to the end, hold the bottom lines of safety production and "peaceful campus", and provide a solid guarantee for fulfilling the target tasks of "two links and two victories" comprehensively.

    All members of the leading bodies of the group, outside directors, full-time supervisors of the board of supervisors of provincial enterprises, managerial staff of the group above the middle level and the deputy positions, members of dispatched supervisor teams, all members of the party and government leading bodies of all member units, etc. also attended the conference.